Fashion and Trendy costumes evolved from different Design Concepts

acromatic color scheme
Variations in lightness and darkness of black, grey and white. This scheme depends on contrast sometimes just a dash of one color is added as an accent
analogous color scheme
When color are used which are next to or near to each other on a color wheel. They provide a great or more interesting variety than monochromatic color scheme. The color used should be of different intencities and values such as yellow-green, green and blue-green.
monochromatic color scheme
Also known as one hue or one color harmony. In this only one color is used. These may be different in value. The natural black, white and grey may be used in this harmony. The use of one main color increases unity. The monochromatic scheme uses the varations in lightness and darkness of the single color. The scheme looks clean and elegant.
art of right balance
Balance is nothing but keeping equilibrium throughout the appearance of garment. Balance can be of 3 types. Symmetrical, Asymmetrical and Radial
balancing the rythm in costume
It is created when one or more elements of design are used repeatedly to create a feeling of organized movement. Rythm can be seen through repetition, alternation and progression.
black and white
The blend of mystery, wisdom, sophistication and dramatic effect expressed with effect of coolness and peace
emphasising an element on costume
Emphasis is the part of the design that catches the viewers attention. Usually the artist will make one area stand out by contrasting it with other areas.
color and its shades
When we mix black to any color to darken it produces color called its shade
color and its tint
To produce lighter shades of any colors we mix white called tint of the color
color and its tone
Tone of any color is obtained by mixing grey to that color
complementary color scheme
When color used which are directly opposite to each other on color wheel. When you place a warm color against a cool color it looks best. This combination is best for a tall person
concept for designer saree
Concepts behind designing a designer saree
cool colors
The colors which are restful, cool and residing.
double complementary color scheme
It is the most variety scheme because it uses 2 complementary color pairs. The scheme is hard to harmonise. It all hues are used in equal amounts the scheme may look unbalanced.
dressed for festival
Festival theme based dress design
fusion wear
A combination of different types dresses
horizontal line effect on dress
A thin horizontal line looks less wide than a thick horizontal line. Horizontal lines lead the eye across the garment. You can use these lines where you want to look wider
illusion of diagonal lines design concept
Diagonal lines hold the eyes attention longer than horizontal or vertical lines. They create the illusion of activity, excitement, drama and motion. You can use there line to add emphasis to an emphasis to an area of the body or to add interest to a look.
illusion of horizontal and divergent lines
Convergent and divergent lines creating different illusion on costume
illusion of lines design concept
Illusion of lines creating effects on costume
illusion of vertical and diagonal lines
Vertical and Diagonal lines creating varations on costume
polychromatic color scheme
The scheme is made up of many different colors. Its the easiest color scheme balance.
propotional concept
Proportion refers to the relationship of one part to another or to the whole or between one object and another for a perfect propotion
red carpet
Red carpet fashion refers to the outfits worn on the red carpet at high-profile gala celebrity events such as award ceremonies and film premieres
red carpet costume
Red carpet fashion refers to the outfits worn on the red carpet at high-profile gala celebrity events such as award ceremonies and film premieres
red gown design concept
Elegant Red gown
split complementary color scheme
Varation of the standard complementary scheme. It uses a color and the 2 color adjacent to its complementary. This color arrangement needs some experience and practice for a successful combination
street fashion wear
Fashionable wears on streets
tradic color scheme
Tradic color scheme uses 3 colors equally spaced around the color wheel. Its not as contrasting as the complementary scheme, but it looks more balanced.
valentines day special costume
The valentines day special costume
warm colors
Combination of cheerful, advancing and heavy colors
design concept 1
Designs using Acromatic Color Scheme
design concept 2
The power of blue
design concept 3
Designs using yellow and green
design concept 4
Short and Long
design concept 5
Elagance of saree
design concept 6
Traditional wear
design concept 7
Playing with colors
design concept 8
Varations of red
design concept 9
Playing with green
design concept 10
Shades of grey
design concept 11
Green Saree
design concept 12
Beauty in yellow, blue and red
design concept 13
Trendy in red
design concept 14
Simple yellow
design concept 15
Flow of grey to white
design concept 16
Amazing short dresses
design concept 17
Shades of green

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