Different Types of Garments

Garments plays a huge role in everyone's life. Each and every human being wants to stick to latest fashion and stay upto date. Clothes also projects the lifestyle and status of a person other than just protecting the body from different climate conditions. Over the long period of time, the trends have evolved from one to another. This evolution has split garments into categories.
Baby Grow
Baby Grow dress Login / Sign Up
Fully body clothing for babies
Ball Gown Login / Sign Up
Formal full length dress for social occasions
Bikini Login / Sign Up
Two-piece type of women's swimwear that is in the form of a bra and briefs
Blazzer Login / Sign Up
Jacket worn as a uniform, usually less weather proof than a jacket
Saree Blouse Login / Sign Up
Blouse, is the upper garment of women, traditionally an Indian wear which is worn with a saree
Bow Tie
Bow Tie Login / Sign Up
Short necktie tied in a bow knot
Boxer Login / Sign Up
Undergarment in the type of a shorts
Bra Login / Sign Up
Undergarment for a women that covers and supports the bust
Bra & Knicker Set
Bra & Knicker Set Login / Sign Up
Matching pairs of bra and knickers
Brief Login / Sign Up
Y-shaped undergarment
Camisol Login / Sign Up
Sleeveless tight fitting woman's undergarment that covers the trunk of the human body
Cardigan Login / Sign Up
Knitted long sleeved upper body garment with a full length opening at front fastened by a buttons / zip
Cargos Login / Sign Up
Trousers that end above the angle & below the knee
Catsuit Login / Sign Up
Tight fitting one-piece garment with long legs
Chemise Login / Sign Up
Long sleeveless undergarment
Coat Login / Sign Up
Outer garment with sleeves, that is worn over other clothes, usually for warmth
Corset Login / Sign Up
Garment which is usually with boning, designed to clinch the waist
Cravet Login / Sign Up
Wide fabric band worn as a necktie that has long ends hanging down the chest
Cummerbund Login / Sign Up
Formal and pleated waist sash
Dinner Jacket
Dinner Jacket Login / Sign Up
Jacket usually black, a white shirt, black trousers, and a black bow tie
Dress Login / Sign Up
Garment that covers the upper body & hangs down to cover all or part of the legs
Dressing Gown
Dressing Gown Login / Sign Up
Long loose coat-like piece of clothing, usually worn before or after dressing
Dungarees Login / Sign Up
One-piece top and trousers often made of denim
Fleece Login / Sign Up
Upper garment (top) made from Fleece (the woolly covering of a sheep or goat) material
Gloves Login / Sign Up
Wear to protect / cover your hands
Hoody Login / Sign Up
Hooded sweatshirt
Jacket Login / Sign Up
Coat with the length till waist
Jeans Login / Sign Up
Informal trousers made of denim cloth
Jogging Suit
Jogging Suit Login / Sign Up
Loose top & trousers made from a soft material, intended for jogging
Jumper Login / Sign Up
Knitted long sleeved upper body garment, traditionally made from wool or cotton
Kaftan Login / Sign Up
Ankle length gown with open bodiced, long & wide sleeves
Kilt Login / Sign Up
Short, pleated, usually wrap of fabric worn around the waist
Knickers Login / Sign Up
Women's underwear that covers the groin (area between the abdomen and the upper thigh on either side of the body)
Kurta Login / Sign Up
Loose shirt worn by men & women falling either just above or somewhere below the knees
Lingerie Login / Sign Up
Women's night-wear and underwear
Nightgown Login / Sign Up
Comfortable and loose garment worn as night wear
Nightwear Login / Sign Up
Bedtime dress
Pashmina Login / Sign Up
Shawl made of soft & light wool that is made from the hair around a goat's neck
Polo-Tshirt Login / Sign Up
Thin-short sleeved top with collar with a few buttons down a slit below the collar
Poncho Login / Sign Up
Cloak with a hole in the centre for the head
Pyjamas Login / Sign Up
Nightwear - Trousers intended for sleeping in
Robe Login / Sign Up
Loosefitting piece of clothing, usually reaches to between the knees and feet
Romper Login / Sign Up
Fullbody garment for children to wear at play
Sarong Login / Sign Up
Sheet of fabric used by both men and women that can be wrapped around the waist and worn as a skirt
Scarf Login / Sign Up
Piece of fabric used for warmness that wraps around the neck
Shirt Login / Sign Up
Upper body garment with a collar, cuffs, and a full length vertical opening at the front with buttons
Skirt Login / Sign Up
Tubular dress that extends from the waist down to any part of the legs
Socks Login / Sign Up
Fabric garment that covers the feet and ankles usually worn with shoes
Stockings Login / Sign Up
Close-fitting see-through garment for female that covers the foot & most of the leg
Suit Login / Sign Up
Two-piece formal wear in the form of a smart jacket, and trousers / skirt
Sweatshirt Login / Sign Up
Knitted top with long sleeves, typically lighter than a jumper
Swimming costume
Swimming Costume Login / Sign Up
Women's swimwear that covers the upper body, but not the arms
T-shirt Login / Sign Up
Thin short sleeved upper body garment
Tailcoat Login / Sign Up
Coat that is waist length at the front & with a longer back divided into two pieces used as a formal wear with trousers, shirt, tie & waistcoat
Tankini Login / Sign Up
Two-piece swimsuit, similar to a bikini but with the upper part in form of a tank top
Thong Login / Sign Up
Undergarment with thin strip of material that passes between buttocks and which doesnt cover the bottom
Tie Login / Sign Up
Piece of material worn around the neck under a shirt collar & knotted at the throat, that drops down over the front of the shirt
Tights Login / Sign Up
Close fitting leg and waist wear made of thin stretchy material
Tracksuit Login / Sign Up
Loose top & trousers, worn for jogging or used as a sports wear
Trousers Login / Sign Up
Lower body garment that covers the legs and waist, constructed of two cylindrical parts for the legs and joined at the top
Underwear Login / Sign Up
Garment worn next to the skin and under other clothes
Vest Login / Sign Up
Thin sleeveless upper body garment either inner or outter
Waistcoat Login / Sign Up
Sleeveless upper body garment which has buttons in the front usually worn with a shirt

Different accessories with garments

Bag (Cloth)
Bag made of Cloth Login / Sign Up
Non-rigid portable container that can be held by a person to carry things
Belt Login / Sign Up
Band worn around waist intended to hold trousers up, or simply as a fashion item
Boots Login / Sign Up
Footwear with a tall upper portion that at least covers the ankle
Cufflinks Login / Sign Up
Decorative fastener used by men to fasten or link the two layers of a double cuff
Hair Accessory
Hair Accessory Login / Sign Up
Items used for maintaining / decorating hair style (Hair Clip, Hair Band...)
Hat Login / Sign Up
Item made by cloth, leather or other stuff to cover the head
Jewellery Login / Sign Up
Fine object intended purely for decorating the body usually made of gold, silver...
Shoes Login / Sign Up
Foot wear which covers entire feet
Sandals Login / Sign Up
Footwear with an open upper that consists of straps that expose the toes
Slippers Login / Sign Up
Footwear that can be slipped on to the foot without using fastenings such as laces
Sunglasses Login / Sign Up
Eyewear to protect eyes from bright sun light and often used for style

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