Mix and Match Fashion

Mix and Match Fashion
Mix and matching allows us to wear different and exciting looks. With imaginative mixing and matching one can make even an ordinary cloth look exciting and can stay unique; providing a person his own individuality and style. For mixing and matching one need is a foundation of basic colours and the taste of fashion. Navy blue, black and brown are the best choices as a basic colours. We must know what colour will suit our skin tone, ie warm colour or cool colour. The top half of our body is more noticable than the bottom half. So making the top and bottom with same colour or cloth is not that much interesting. It will be awesome if it matches with different tops and bottom. It is good to select clothes that are versatile, that can be used for both formal and informal occasions. For mixing and matching try to buy more of separate pieces of clothing. The accessories like jewellery, handbags, shades, scarves, belts etc are important in mixing and matching. They all must be wisely selected. A little bit of tweaking with your hairstyle, shoes etc also helps in changing the look..

How to Mix & Match

Mix and Match Dress
The base is the foundation of an outfit and where we begin. It can be a suit, a pair of pants, a dress or a pair of jeans. Each pieces may be classic and neutral in colour. It may vary according to the profession and character where mix and match fashion is variety. The lack of variety is the common reason for the people to produce an unique mix and match combination.
Next.., what we wear with the base piece?. They are usually tops, cardigans and layering piece which can be weared under the suits, jackets and cardigans. While the base pieces are typically heavy in neutral, this part can be a mix of colour and neutral shade. The beauty of a more neutral base like black is that any colour can be wore with it. Selecting of the mix of colour is our own wish with respect to personal preference and work environment. One thing to keep in mind is the variety of selection.
Now the final and the crucial one.., this is the part which most women neglect. This include the jewellery, scarves, belts, shoes, handbags, and those small details, which are usually purchased at the end. The thing which one should keep in mind while buying these pieces are the color mix of the cloth that we have selected. Just avoid looking too matchy-matchy. Dont purchase the colors in the exact same shades of the dress. Think of tonal colors and universal shades like green and yellow. Purchase these pieces in gold and silver too. In some cases, having a few interesting pieces in these metalics can look magical.

Handbags & Accessories

Try to get variety of hangbags. Having variety doesint mean to change bag everyday. If we have the right bag, it will go for days and weeks without change. Get variety of shoes and slippers too. Variety of colours, heels, and styles can be tested in foot also. Tan is such a universal and versatile colour. A metallic pair is not good for all occasions but suits for parties and celebrations.
Mixed Handbag
Mixed color scarves Scarves Green Scarf

Mix & Match Colors

Mixed Match Dresses
Mixing of colors using a color wheel. Make the following combos:
Article By: Pooja K

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