"Give A Girl The Right Pair Of Shoes and She Can Conquer The World" - Marilyn Monroe

Right pair of Shoe

Picking up the right Footwear

Great looking feet can be achieved by buying shoes that are the best fit. Its always a hard job to find out the right pair of shoes that suits you the best. The shoes you wear every day can affect the health of your feet, knees, back and all the way up the spine. Follow the tips beneath for getting that well healed look and choose a quality pair of shoes...

Footwear Tips

While choosing your pair of footwear, make sure the size is correct. It is always recommended to check the size of the chosen footwear by wearing them while standing. Get the feet measured always as the size may vary with brands and styles. The texture of the footwear also needs to be smooth. Any outgrowing of leather or exposed seams can rub on your skin and lead to skin rashes. Proper material and construction of the footwear is necessary for healthy foot care.
Buy footwear based on your foot type. If you have a flat foot, it is recommended to have shoes with a good arch support. There are shoes which offer that. Even some of the high heeled shoes have cushioned arch support. If you have high arches, go for shoes that have cushioning on the ball points and the heels.
Foot care is essential while selecting the footwear. The comfort and the fit of the shoes need to be a priority over style and colors. Shoes are meant for protecting your feet and the best ones are those that offer you style, color and fit without compromising on comfort and care!
Foot Types
It is best to shop for footwear in the later half of the day. This is mainly because the feet grow larger by end of the day owing to natural swelling. For people having a flat or a wide foot, it can turn out to be a headache to find footwear that's a tailor-made for them. Major departmental stores usually have footwear with different sizes and textures. They can even be made to order the way the customer needs.
While picking up the style to wear, go for a shoe that is comfortable. Round shaped toe box are the best suited for toes as it provides the maximum breathing space for toes. The pointed, oval and square shaped toe boxes may look good but may lead to disfigured toes on constant usage.
High heal footwear

Tips before your next footware purchase

Let your next footwear purchase be your foot's best friend. These tips may help you choose the right pair of shoes
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Article By : Fajna Mariyam

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