Fashion for men - Which one is the latest?

Dressing well for men is a chore. It comes to some people easily, but to most its a lifelong process of discovery and learning from trial and error. In India men's fashion is changing just as rapidly as the country's skyline. Men no longer go in for the tried and tested formulas but experiment with looks and fashions. The rules that hold true for the west don't necessarily work for the Indian gents. The urban man about town in Mumbai or New Delhi has to deal with whole different set of requirement than in New York or London. This trendy article beholds the Indian man a guiding compass for his journey into fashion and style.

Evening Wear / Party / Wedding


Every Indian bloke has some version of evening wear in his wardrobe like a multi-purpose suit, a tuxedo with black tie and morphs into clubbing wear when paired with denims and white shirts. Tuxedos are mainly blazer jackets suits with small collars typical the ones worn by men on their weddings especially by catholics. There's nothing shabber than having an ill-fitting black suit that you use of your friends wedding, your office dinners and for interviews. There's never been more accepting age for the tuxedo than the one we are experencing now. Bollywood that enigmatic dispenser of all fashion trends to the massses has dummed the tux au-courant, which means every award presenter worth his salt is going to be sporting a tuxedo and clip on bow ties. Slim fitted, double breasted and single buttoned velour, smoking jackets, subtly textured jackets colored tuxedos, oversized floppy bow ties.

Suits - Trending Now

suit - mens fashion
We have seen all sorts of faux pas where putting on a suit which has whether we like it or not, become a staple of our formal wear diet. Polyster and itch fabrics rule the roost when you see the general popular, but now its time to evolve and go in for revolutionary fabric like wool, linen, silk for the good occassion. Fitted suits, un-pleated trousers that end at the ankle, gingham printed shirts with solid suits, fitted double breasted suits, striped and checked suits, unlined, deconstructed suits for semi-formal events, velvet suits.
Bandhgalas - Trending Now
They've slowly come to replace the suits and tuxedos for many occasions. It is also known as jodhpuri suit, with Nehru collars jackets which have a traditional priortical to them and great alternative if you dont want to go in the direction of suit. Chinese collars, velvet bandhgalas, jewelled buttons, slim fitted jodhpuri trousers.
Work Wear
The office is where we do business, where we go to war, where battles are fought and bodies left in the wake of victory. The corporate world dresses differently form those in creative fields. While if you're lucky enough to be in the upper management of your company, it really doesn't matter where you are, the formula is simple as formal as you can be, you are the boss after all.
Cooperate office wear
Corporate Office Wear
Suits are best example for corporate office wear. Pin striped suits, two buttoned and one-button jackets, slim non-pleated trousers checked shirts, slim ties, white collars and cuff, personalised cuff links.
Casual Office Wear
It includes plain or bold striped shirts paried with any coloured (black, white, brown fitted trousers). Woven, belts, sock-less loafers or moccasins, bold striped shirts.
Casual wear for men in India has come a long way from the cliched jeans and T-shirt combo. It really is impossible to list every single trend in casual wear for men, so here are a few works that suit well for men in desi context.
Bow Ties
The big, floppy variety are very fashionable right now for evening dressing for small collared shirt-smaller bow tie. Bow ties have to be tied by hand. i.e : tie by yourself
Slim ties are better. Stripes are classic that work well in the right context of event or work place.
Men might want to have something thats funky and stylish when comes to your cuffs, but keep them neutral and subtle for work wear.
Woven leather or cloth, simple, plain belts are the way to go. Striped polo belts work for casual wear well.
Never match your socks to your suit. If you're going formal always make sure they're at least two shades darker than what you're go on and if you're casual go in for color.
Lapel pins
They are the new tie pins. Eg: Obama wears v/s Flag on his lapel.
Suedo or loafers.
Tortoise shell glass, nerdy, glass, round etc.
Casual Wears
Article By: Hamna Nizar

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